Millennium Act on Digital Copyright (DMCA) Compliance Notice

Thank you for visiting our website, arewaclassic.com.ng We want to ensure that we respect and uphold the intellectual property rights of others. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our DMCA Policy outlined below.

At arewaclassic.com.ng, we receive a variety of music, videos, and images from record labels, publicists, artists, and producers for posting on our platform. We understand the importance of protecting intellectual property rights and take any allegations of infringement seriously.

If you believe that our online services have violated your intellectual property rights or any other rights, please contact us at arewaclassicteam@gmail.com, using the subject line “Attention: Copyright Infringement.” We assure you that we will promptly address your concerns and take appropriate action.

It is important to note that we do not claim ownership of any songs we upload, and we are committed to handling any copyright violation allegations swiftly and responsibly. We strictly adhere to takedown requests as part of our established policy.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we strive to maintain a compliant and respectful online environment.

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